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Facebook Profile Hiding Process

Facebook-Profil verstecken Prozess

Facebook-Profil verstecken Prozess

Facebook Profile Hiding Process

Facebook-Profil verstecken Prozess

Facebook is the most used social chat and sharing platform on the world. Es ermöglicht Ihnen, Ihren Status Status teilen, Live-Übertragung-Funktion, Kennzeichnung Ihres Standorts, Kennzeichnung Ihrer Freunde und Gefühle, Bearbeiten von Umfragen, Video-Chats, recording audio and additional files, and many more jobs and beauty. Such a functional application, of course, everyone in the world uses. Anyone with internet access in the world is using Facebook. Or he used it once. This social chat application by Mark Zukerberg was really kept. The phones you have bought or the phones that have been updated have become a compulsory application.

Why do people want to close their personal block in an application that has so many alternatives and users? You guys, think about this question. Let’s come to the point. Let us tell you how to hide our profile. First go to the privacy tabs of the settings on Facebook. Then there should beWho can see your future messages? Just be my” oder “My friend.Then, aş Who can see your list of friends? l Only two options will come up as ği I or ben Friends. olarak olarak Here we mark only the optionThese are the first stage.

Facebook Profile Hiding Process,

Facebook-Profil verstecken Prozess,

Searching through personal and personal information; ” Who can call you using the email address you provided? . We don’t need to look at our options about who will find you by typing your e-mail at the search site. Secondly, it is questioned from the phone number. Who can find you using your phone number when you sign up for Facebook or after a long time? Let us examine. Without further ado, we only mark “Friends l from this section. Would you like to link search engines other than Facebook to your profile? In diesem Abschnitt, of course we are marking the answer No. You can do most of these actions from your personal settings. For more detailed information about Facebook, please visit our web site. Klicken Sie auf.

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