Instagram’s Latest Updates

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Instagram’s Latest Updates

Instagram's Latest Updates

Instagram’s Latest Updates

One of the most important features of the new update is the editing feature. Now you can edit your messages in Instagram, and you can also edit messages on Facebook. A message will also appear where the photo is arranged in the same way. A popular update to the popular photo sharing application Instagram. Along with this update, some features that users are curious about are added to the application. There is no date yet for updates, but in the coming months these updates are expected to be distributed gradually to the user.

Photo editing:

However, in this editing mode you can not change the photo’s filter or any other feature. You can edit texts, enter new hashtags, even after uploading the photo, you can enter location information in the related photo.

Discover new people:

Instagram, which previously only presented photos in the ‘Explore’ section, now offers it to people. This means Instagram users are more “tracked”.

Faster search:

Instagram now offers call completion feature. However, faster searches are possible.

New icons:

A little touch in the new update design touches. First, changes to the navigation icon immediately below and tab designs added for new features appear.

Instagram's Latest Updates

Instagram’s Latest Updates

The video calling feature will come:

Innovations for Instagram include video call and new camera effects.

Information and privacy about Twitter Ads:

In particular, we can say that the direct message part of Instagram can be at almost WhatsApp level, and that general Instagram capabilities can develop in understanding many applications.

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