The target of malicious software pirates, this time became a Turk Instagram gebruikers. De schadelijke programma 's, welke belofte niet te tonen uw bezoekers aan je instagram profiel, te verwerven aanhangers en profiel prestaties te analyseren, have stolen their passwords. steal passwords for Instagram users in Turkey, analyze and access Instagram account turns out to be dangerous Android apps that promise to increase the number of followers.

A new paradox has been identified that mimics the services specifically developed for more efficient use of popular social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram en Twitter. Finally, security experts have found a software that steals Instagram passwords on the Google Play Store. Upon Intel Security Alerts, Google immediately removed these harmful applications. But the danger is not over, so there may be similar things at any time.

View Instagram is similar to:

Since the view of the malicious application is presented with the original logo and design of the Instagram, the users can reliably click theLogin with Instagrambutton and login information. Instagram sends malicious application password information to a server that promises to measure performance and see visitors to their profiles.

Usersidentity information and passwords are sent in plain text to the server of the person who prepared the malware. Pirate hackers take their accounts into their accounts by logging in with their usernames and passwords and quickly changing their emails and passwords.

Possibilities to try passwords on other sites:

According to experts, users often use the same password in different services and applications to increase the size of the danger. Malicious users who produce these malicious applications are experimenting with other social networks using the same combinations of passwords and emails. When someone loses an Instagram account, they can also receive Facebook, Twitter, en YouTube accounts that contain the same email and password.

Instagram Security WarningInstagram Security Warning


Particularly popular in our country, Instagram is popular with the likes of famous people. At the same time, cigarette traders are targeting brands with high numbers of followers, celebrity and social media phenomena.

Using mobile security:

We recommend installing mobile security and password management software so that users can trust themselves. Also remember that applications downloaded from unknown sources should not be trusted either. İnstagram Digital Platform and Statistics

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